George 1 Over the past year, we have had periodic presentations for our employees focusing on the history of our Company and its brands.  The Heritage Series has provided us with a way of looking forward by looking back at key events with associates and customers.

Goerge 2 A few weeks ago, we were treated to an absolutely fantastic presentation by George Aguel, Senior Vice President of The Walt Disney Company.  George walked us through Coke and Disney's shared history beginning with our two handwritten logos recognized around the world.  He then detailed (with audio and video I don't have rights to share) joint promotions for Saludos Amigos, Disney's 1942 feature film about Latin America.  George also shared an unrealized script from the Disney  Archives from 1943.  It would have been a joint creation of the two companies but had to be dropped due to World War II.  From that point the content flew by, we were the sponsor of the first Disney television special, One Hour in Wonderland, which aired on Christmas day, 1950 as well as the later television series, The Mickey Mouse Club.  George then spoke of our long relationship at the Disney parks beginning with Disneyland in 1955 but continuing up to today as the Disney magic has continued to excite visitors with locations around the world.

108 The biggest surprise was a visit by Mickey Mouse himself.  A huge cheer erupted from the audience as Mickey stepped out on stage at the end of the event.  Our associates lined up for photos... and yes, Phil and I wanted to pose as well.