X30243-lo On this date in 1935, the America's Exposition opened in San Diego and Coca-Cola was there.  This photo shows "The Pause That Refreshes" kiosk where visitors to the Exposition could purchase a Coke. Besides this kiosk, dispensing stands were available throughout the Exposition grounds. 

There were many ways to spend your day at the Exposition - with multiple attractions available.  One of the most risque was the Zoro Gardens where visitors could pay to view the activities of "nudist" performers.   

The Exposition ran from May 29th until November 11th and over 5 million visitors made the trip to San Diego.  In the April issue of the Coca-Cola Bottler publication, it was estimated that the food and lodging for one person in the San Diego area would amount to $2.00 per day exclusive of incidentals, such as, candy, cigarettes, and refreshments.