Living in a small space can be especially tricky, especially when you’re downsizing. I’ve moved around quite a bit in the past few years and, somehow, my apartments just kept getting smaller. I recently made a big move to New York City and am now living in the smallest apartment I’ve ever had. Surprisingly, I love it more than any of my other places!

Sometimes having a smaller space will make you much pickier about what you keep, store and choose to display in your home. You really have to keep things neat and tidy and everything will have a place and purpose. Over the past few moves, I’ve picked up some great tips for anyone looking to maximize the most of their small space. It can work! You just have to find a way to make it your own.

Space Hacks_1

1. Utilize the space underneath your bed in an aesthetically pleasing way.
Just because you “can’t see it” doesn’t mean you have to use old containers and suitcases. Every inch of space beneath my bed is being utilized to store something (out of season clothes, my large suitcase, flats, scarves, you name it). My strategy is to put the things I won’t need to get out for at least 4-6 months as far inside the middle of the bed area as possible. Then, I worked my way around the rim with bins and baskets that are easy to pull out and reach for things that I may need more often. I found white boxes and raffia baskets that fit the look and feel of my room and apartment. When my comforter is pulled up, it doesn’t look like clutter beneath my bed.

Space Hacks_2

2. Ditch your shoeboxes and turn a heel around.
Shoeboxes take up a ton of space and can be difficult for quick organization of your shoes -- lose the boxes! Instead, opt for shelving and maximize the space on the shelves by turning one shoe the other direction and staggering them slightly -- it will make room for an extra pair on each row.

Space Hacks_3

3. Store your handbags and clutches using bookends.
Every girl has plenty, and these too take up a lot of space. An easy way to organize them is to use traditional shelving and bookends to keep them all together and easy to reach.

Space Hacks_4

4. Use your shelving space as 'spillover' from other rooms.
In my living room, there’s one tiny corner where we ended up putting a bookshelf -- instead of limiting the space to just decorative objects, we found storage that looks good on the shelving and can hold spillover items from the bathroom (extra towels and products) and things like stationary and cards.

Space Hacks_5

5. Every space can serve a purpose.
The last two items that didn’t have a home in my apartment were a lucite chair and a pillow that didn’t fit the color palette of the couch. Instead of ditching both, we moved the TV console a bit over to the right and set the chair right next to the door. It now serves as a home to shoes that I take off during the week (we attempt a no shoes in the apartment policy) and occasionally my purse and keys when I come in the door. It’s barely 15”, but is one of my favorite parts of the wall!

Space Hacks_6

6. Re-purpose counter space.
There was no room in our apartment for a bar cart nor did we have any shelves that would safely accommodate glass bottles without fear of them getting knocked into. With one tray and a little chalkboard paint and an old photo frame, we turned an isolated counter top into a “bar” and place to store some of our eclectic finds.

Space Hacks_7

7. Get creative with your jewelry storage.
Without a dresser or even true shelving in my room, I was finding it hard to come up with a solution for hanging my necklaces. I wanted to be able to see them because they’re usually one of the last things I put on as a finishing touch to an outfit. I took some gold picture hanging hooks and hung them upside down from my wire shelving on the wall and hung four or five necklaces a piece on them. It was a $0 cost solution that allows me to pick any of my favorites quickly before heading out!

Space Hacks_8

8. Create a getting ready space in your room if your bathroom is extra tiny.
There’s no counter space or storage space in my bathroom, so attempting to keep my hair and makeup products in there it wasn’t an option. With a few bowls, baskets and a tray for my makeup, all of my “getting ready” essentials fit within a small space in my room and allow me to still feel like I have that counter space.

What are some of your small space hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

Christine Petric is the founder of The View From 5 ft. 2 , a personal style and fashion blog. Christine provides style tips and inspiration with an additional petite perspective. She is a Texas native that currently resides in Chicago working for Groupon and additionally contributes to the StyleList network. Christine has been spotted in several publications such as, Lucky Magazine, Refinery 29, New York Magazine's The Cut, and Glitter Guide. When she's not blogging, she's exploring the city, learning photography and calligraphy or laughing about something somewhere.

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