At the recent May Town Hall, Coca-Cola North America (CCNA) President Jim Dinkins and his teammates unveiled plans to pursue an ambitious new business aspiration fueled by culture change.  (The Coca-Cola Company employees can view a full recording of the town hall here.) 

Dinkins, noting that Coca-Cola is at a critical pivot point in its history, spoke to associates about writing a new chapter together — one that builds on CCNA’s strong foundation of recent success while continually adapting to the fast-changing consumer goods landscape.

“What’s exciting about [writing the next chapter] is you all have the pen in your hand,” Dinkins told the Town Hall audience. “You all have the capability to write some significant chapters in that book.”

Dinkins pointed out that to accelerate our growth and make cultural transformation possible, all CCNA team members must re-ground themselves in the company’s mission to “refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference” and its vision “to become a consumer, customer, and employee-centric total beverage company.”