To most, a bagel is just something to eat, easily transportable and often slathered with cream cheese. But to Scot Rossillo, a bagel is a canvas and the opportunity to share his art with the world.

Rossillo is the owner of The Bagel Store, with two locations in Brooklyn, N.Y. His most recognizable creation is the rainbow bagel, which became somewhat of an overnight Internet sensation. The demand was so great that they are just now resuming nationally shipping of the bagels… with a waitlist. He credits much of that success to the legalization of gay marriage in New York, a celebrity shout-out and, of course, social media. Instagram is huge for The Bagel Store, which boasts 82,000 followers on the photo-driven network.

Bagels have always been a passion for Rossillo. He grew up working at a local bagel shop, and later enrolled in the French Culinary Institute's International Bread Baking Arts program. From there, he became a partner in another bagel shop before opening The Bagel Store with a spark of creativity that takes bagels beyond varieties like sesame and poppy. His menu boasts cragels (half croissant/half bagel) which were very popular, especially around the rise of the cronut, in flavors ranging from French toast and bacon, egg and cheese, to funky cream cheese selections including Funfetti and olive pimento, and a selection of more traditional offerings. But the most special bagels are those that fall into the category of "bagel art" that really show Rossillo's artistic side and dedication.

Rainbow Bagels

Scot Rossillo's rainbow bagel became an overnight Internet sensation. 

Making rainbow bagels and other varieties is a laborious process. He can usually make about 100 or so bagels in the time it would take to churn out 5,000 regular bagels. The art of piling and rolling the dough resembles playing with massive mounds of Play-Doh. Although the bagels are intensely colorful, Rossillo makes sure that he doesn't add any chemicals or preservatives, and everything is hand-made. He keeps most of the process under wraps and still oversees much of the work and constantly thinks up creative bagel ideas.

He has created bagels in response to international crises like the Paris terror attacks, a multi-shade purple bagel to commemorate the recent death of a pop icon, and bagels with the colors of various professional sports teams. He also has created bagels resembling his favorite brands as well, including Coca-Cola.

"I was contacted last minute by a company doing a Coca-Cola photo shoot," said Rossillo. "Although I couldn't make the timing work, I thought this is an awesome idea to combine what is the most recognizable brand in history with my bagel art. It was fun to make and beautiful in the end."

As for the future? He knows there may not be lines around the block forever and that trends come and go, but he clearly defines his purpose in the biography published on his website.

"No matter how many new bagel creations I invent that make their way around the globe," he writes, "I always have the feeling I can do better it is more important for myself to keep pushing as a 'Bagel Artist' to influence the bagel industry for generations to come."