China Collectors Wedding Can 2011A few weeks ago, I was delighted to greet two collectors from China to our Atlanta Headquarters. Without question, these collectors were among the most enthusiastic fans of the brand that I have ever encountered. Their passion was to collect packaging for Coca-Cola from all over the world, particularly bottles and cans that were associated with unique events like the Olympics, the World Cup and the Shanghai Expo.

One of the collectors, a man named Cheng Zhang, made his brand love part of his wedding celebration this past Fall. Guests who attended his wedding reception received special commemorative cans of Coca-Cola. A photo of the happy couple had been produced as a decal and attached to the can. The result was a truly special, unique package that will serve as a wonderful souvenir of their special day.

Mr. Zhang presented me with one of these special cans that I have added to our packaging collection. Our team wishes Mr. and Mrs. Zhang many bountiful years together. Sharing a Coke with their friends and family certainly got them off to a good start.