“We all have different looks and loves, likes and dislikes, too,” a female voice says over quickly edited vignettes of people from all walks of life enjoying a variety of Coca-Cola beverages. 

"But there’s a Coke for we and us. And there’s a Coke for you.”

A new ad titled “The Wonder of Us” will air during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Big Game, celebrating Coca-Cola’s long-held values of optimism, diversity and inclusion by reminding viewers that there is a Coke for everyone and every occasion – from a mini can of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, to an 8-oz. glass bottle of Coca-Cola, to a 12-oz. can of Coca-Cola Life.

“We want people to stop for a moment and think about the Coca-Cola brand in a fresh and modern way,” said Jennifer Healan, group director, integrated marketing content, Coca-Cola North America. “’The Wonder of Us’ celebrates the things that make us different and reminds everyone that although we are all unique, there’s a perfect Coke for you.” 

The 60-second spot is the first in a series of 2018 ads from the “A Coke for Everyone” communications platform, which marks the next iteration of the global “One Brand” strategy uniting Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola Life under a single visual identity and campaign.

The tone of the spot, directed by Alma Har’el and created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, builds on Coke’s longstanding legacy of inclusive advertising

"Coke has always been a beacon of optimism,” Healan said, name-checking the iconic 1971 “Hilltop” ad, which taught the world to sing in perfect harmony. “We’ve always been a delicious and refreshing beverage, but our values let us stand for so much more.”

“The Wonder of Us” opens a 2018 chapter of this conversation with a timely message presented in a “uniquely Coke way,” said Healan, adding that the ad’s use of an original poem versus a song or dialogue makes it even more special and surprising to viewers. 

“The Coca-Cola brand voice has always been consistent,” she continued. “This ad, like others we’ve shared over the years, presents our point of view while maintaining a humble and approachable tone.”

Wonder of Us Poem
An ad featuring the full text of the poem will run in major U.S. newspapers starting Sunday.

Coca-Cola will fuel conversation about the commercial in the days surrounding the Big Game. The brand will run a full-page ad in The New York Times and USA TODAY with the full text of the poem, and fans can unlock even more special content by “liking” "The Wonder of Us" on Twitter. Employees and fans can submit a photo of themselves and their favorite Coca-Cola for a chance to be part of Coca-Cola’s Instagram story or the Coca-Cola Times Square sign.

In the coming months, Coca-Cola fans in the U.S. will see additional ads such as “Mural”, an animation/live action mashup that takes a more playful approach to the “A Coke for Everyone” message, and “Tailgating”, which romances the connection between Coca-Cola and food associated with spectator sports like NASCAR, college basketball and college football.

"The Wonder of Us" marks Coke’s 12th consecutive appearance in the Big Game.