Coca cola 11-3-10-1000 I finished my Asian trip with an absolutely fantastic event planned and hosted by our office in the Philippines.  Called, "A Date With History," the event was an employee celebration of the rich heritage of both The Coca-Cola Company and its brands and the nearly 99 year history for Coke in Manila.  Coca-Cola was first bottled in the Philippines in 1912 and the country has long been one of the top 10 markets for our products.

Coca cola 11-3-10-1004 The event was was held at a local hotel where the Jenny Cinco and the marketing team had developed an exhibit on Coca-Cola in the Philippines.  The artifacts and displays were just great and included a vending machine I kept trying to figure out how to fit in my suitcase to sneak home.

Coca cola 11-3-10-1008 Coca cola 11-3-10-1021 Local actor, RJ Ledesma, who had starred in advertising for Coca-Cola Philippines, was the emcee for the event and introduced a reel of historic advertising.  Then a group of singers appeared on stage to recreate many of the jingles.  After the performance, Guillermo Aponte, the General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines introduced me to do my presentation.  Feeling somewhat awestruck by the surroundings, it was comforting to be able to discuss my favorite topic, the heritage of Coca-Cola and our many icons and stories.  After the presentation and employee Q&A, Marketing Director, Shakir Moin joined Guillermo and I on stage for a toast to the employees in the audience.  

Now that I am back in Atlanta, I would like to toast all the members of the team who worked to make the event so special.  This is one I will never forget, both for the surroundings and the wonderful hospitality. Cheers.

Coca cola 11-3-10-1029