After almost eight full months of traveling with the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, I feel like my life has become a sort of ritual. Sure, every day comes with its surprises and new sights, but there's always some routine to the traveling life that I welcome. The sound of our plane on the runway or the familiar logo in a stadium, shopping center or hotel. Seeing familiar faces who just happen to be FIFA World Cup winners and, of course, being around the passion of football. Each day, though made up of these familiar moments, is always an adventure. I thought that sharing my day through photos would be a great way for everyone else to see what life on the tour is really like. Enjoy!

Wake-up Call

Wake up! 6:30 a.m. wake-up calls are the norm on the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, although we've been known to have some closer to 4:30 a.m. and the very rare and exciting 8 a.m.! Today we are leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina for Paris!

FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Plane

The Trophy Tour plane, before leaving for France. This is our home away from home on the road. It's always a comforting feeling to pull up to the airport and see the bright red plane welcoming us on board.

Day in the Life of FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour

The plane has become everything from our meeting room to our bedroom to our gym (yoga and pilates are a regular on long distance flights). It's common to handle a lot of the day-to-day business of the tour on the plane between countries, although sleeping usually takes priority for a lot of us!

FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour plane

It's not always serious during takeoff in the Trophy Tour plane. Almost all of us have had a try at being flight crew for a day, although our demonstrations are sometimes questionable!

Inside the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Plane

Welcome to the Trophy Tour. Our plane is unlike any other most people have seen. It's custom to the tour with maps, schedules and Speto designs throughout. We have an amazing crew who takes care of us and definitely makes us feel at home in the sky.

FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour plane window

It's amazing to think how much has been seen out of these windows. We've flown over the oceans, alongside Mt. Everest, over the pyramids and the Andes. We've flown into the Northern Lights of Iceland and over the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.

FIFA plane crockpit

One of the rights of passage as a Trophy Tour member is to spend some time with the pilots in the cockpit of the plane. Most of us have been lucky enough to sit in for a take-off or landing and it's truly an amazing experience to see!

FIFA plane lobby

The plane is quite spacious inside with a lobby type space at the front that has been used for everything from sleeping to working out to hosting presidents and former World Cup winners!

Former World Cup winner Christian Karembeu

In between events, it's easy to get goofy on little sleep and the excitement of the day. Even former World Cup winners like Christian Karembeu join the silliness.

FIFA Trophy Tour in Paris

Traveling around the globe is an amazing opportunity to see some of the world's most famous landmarks. Unfortunately, the first time many of us see them is from the car, speeding through a police escort on the way to an event. It's still amazing to see if only for a few seconds out the car window.

Young boy in Paris sharing his 'selfie' with football legend Pele

The Trophy Tour is built around happiness and sharing that happiness with football fans around the world. I love being able to capture moments like this, a young boy in Paris minutes after taking a "selfie" with football legend Pele!

Self with the Trophy

Nobody can resist a good selfie with the Trophy, even former winners!

Fuleco is a valued member of the Trophy Tour team

Fuleco is a valued member of the Trophy Tour team and is always welcomed with dancing and smiles wherever we go.

Venue location with carnival rides

Many of our venues are located in amazing locations like national stadiums, in front of Egypt's pyramids and in beautiful plazas sometimes complete with carnival rides!

Joel Robison is the official "blogtographer" of the 90-country FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola. Follow the action on Facebook or Twitter