In memory of the 10th anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake, Zhang Jiantao, Vice President of Coca-Cola Greater China and Korea, visited Sichuan Province to experience the change and prosperity. As a key donor and partner, Jiantao, representing Coca-Cola China, joined the launch ceremony at the Disaster Preparedness Learning Center in Chengdu and the UNDP-China Risk & Resilience Innovation Project's Chengdu Base initiated by the One Foundation in Sichuan.

The project educates teenagers about disaster prevention, as we believe that prevention is the best way to deal with disaster. Famous Chinese actor Jet Li, founder of One Foundation, also attended the ceremony.

Coca-Cola China has a strong bond with Sichuan. Ten years ago, Xue Xiao found himself buried under rubble after the Wenchuan earthquake toppled his school in Mianzhu, Sichuan. As he was being rescued, he pleaded, "Give me a Coke with ice, please," earning him the nickname "Coke Boy."

Xiao, 27, now works for Coca-Cola as the curator of the Coca-Cola Museum. With an optimistic attitude and solid strong skills, he actively participates in sustainability projects, giving back to the community and conveying Coca-Cola’s “WeCare” spirit.


In the face of disaster, Coca-Cola cooperated with One Foundation to launch the "Clean Water 24" emergency plan, which, by relying on efficient delivery systems, delivers bottled water to those in need. By the end of 2017, "Clean Water 24" had been activated in response to more than 170 disasters with more than 16 million bottles of drinking water quickly and efficiently delivered to people in disaster areas.


Over the last 10 years, Coca-Cola China has established deep roots in Sichuan to drive post-disaster reconstruction.

Through “Golden Triangle” partnerships, Coca-Cola China supports disadvantaged groups, especially women and children. To empower women and help them recover from the disaster, Coca-Cola China donated 8 million RMB to the China Women’s Development Foundation and built six Moms Homes in Sichuan, all of which have benefitted 90,000 people. The company's Clean Water Project has provided safe drinking water to more than 500,000 rural children. In Sichuan alone, more than 90,000 students can now enjoy clean water. Coca-Cola donated and built 17 Hope Schools in the province, for a total of 121 schools nationwide, bringing knowledge and hope to children in need.


While Coca-Cola is delighted to see the rebirth of Wenchuan and the proress made together with partners, the company is far from finished. Ten years is a milestone, not a finish line, in the company's commitment to care for the local community and help ensure a better world.