We received quite a bit of feedback on our post the week about the commemorative bottles being produced in Mexico so I decided so share some of the Mexican items on display for our Friday Spotlight on the World of Coca-Cola.

Each of the galleries in the Milestones of Refreshment exhibit represent a significant innovation or event in our history.  Milestone Eight represents the growth of our international business since our first bottling efforts in Cuba, Panama and Canada in 1906.  We tried to offer examples from as many countries as we could, but given the strong heritage of Coca-Cola in Mexico, it should not be surprising that there are quite a few items from that country in the case.

I have included photographs of some of my favorites.  The most valuable is likely the 1928 calendar which is worth between $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 depending on condition.  One of the more unusual it the napkin dispenser, which as you can see from the photograph, has been touched up a bit.  I also love the color and vibrant message of the two trays, they are so different from what was produced in the US.  The slogan on the round one - "Chispa de la Vida" was an important one in Mexico and loosely translates to "the spark of life."

1928 Mexican Calendar Mexican napkin dispenser Mexican 1964 Tray Mexican 1971 Tray