Planes, trains and automobiles: that’s how I was able to meet artist Kate Brinkworth.

Last month, I was working in the London Coca-Cola office and had the opportunity to interview Kate in her home studio outside the city. Kate, who lives with her husband and newborn baby, was nice enough to invite me in with my camera to discuss her art featuring the Coca-Cola bottle.

First the flght from Atlanta to London, then a train ride to just outside her town, and finally a quick cab ride to her doorstep. And it was well worth it!

In her backyard studio, I was able see some of her in-progress work and discuss her painting approach. It’s a small space crammed with inspirational items, paints and brushes and, of course, glass Coca-Cola bottles. 

After we spoke, Kate tied on her apron and demonstrated how she starts by drawing the contour Coke bottle. It was fascinating to see how detailed the process is and how Kate thinks through each step. She told me how surprised she was when she found out that the Coca-Cola archives team in Atlanta had purchased some of her pieces. Kate was even more delighted to hear that everyone on campus loves her pieces when we display them.

As I headed back to London on the train, I thought about the pieces of Kate’s art we have in the archives, and it made me love them even more after seeing the detail and thoughtfulness she put into each painting. I can’t wait to see what she does next. 

Justine Fletcher is processing archivist at The Coca-Cola Company