Coke Studio Pakistan, originally conceived as a television music series in 2008, has grown into The Coca-Cola Company’s largest digital asset with more than 1 billion views, 3 billion minutes of viewing time and a 14 percent engagement rate. The rise of this unique asset is attributed to the local team’s smart adaptability to an evolving media landscape.

“When people’s media habits, particularly youth, began changing to embrace an increased digital media presence in Pakistan, we recognized the need to transform with them,” said Abbas Arslan, Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Pakistan. “We had to rethink how to recruit and engage fans through social media and online platforms. Our digital-driven shift, which began around three years ago, helped us rapidly grow this popular platform.”

Abbas Arslan
Arslan and team redesigned their Coke Studio content release and engagement strategy to attract more fans. Mobile was seen as the initial opportunity. The team launched an app that has experienced more than 2 million downloads. They also used mobile to drive transactions with a scan marker to playback top Coke Studio songs.

In addition, the team prioritized driving traffic to owned digital assets before television, and increased its digital to television spend ratio. Content was made available on 18 online platforms in 2017 versus only three in 2014, with more than 250 exclusive online content pieces released across social platforms. They also kicked off each season with the national song.

Coke Studio Pakistan boosted its reach from 6 million teens in 2014 to 20 million in 2017. Additionally, engagement rates climbed from 2 percent in 2014 to 14 percent in 2017. Moreover, Coke Studio is the strongest driver of Coca-Cola brand edge in Pakistan, which has been critical to becoming the leading food and beverage brand in Pakistan.

Arslan accepted a Coca-Cola Global Innovation Award in 2017 for his team’s work building Coke Studio Pakistan into a winning asset, the same year the platform celebrated its 10th anniversary.

“Coke Studio has helped us unite 210 million Pakistanis over the last decade. As we look toward the next decade, we are thrilled by the opportunity the asset offers,” shared Arslan. “Gen Z embraces Coke Studio as a national icon. With digital and unique experiences at the center of their lifestyle, Coke Studio is positioned to become even bigger. Just this year, we started Coke Festivals featuring more than 25 Coke Studio artists, which gathered 250,000 consumers while reaching 17 million through online activation. Coke Studio keeps inspiring us to create a message of hope and unity.”

The Coke Studio concept was created in 2007 in Brazil, where musical performances were held on a concert-like platform. The next year, Coke Studio premiered in Pakistan and became an immediate hit with both critics and fans. The show – which fuses Pakistan’s diverse musical influences, including eastern classical, folk, qawwali, bhangra, sufi and contemporary hip-hop, rock and pop, by inviting established and emerging artists from various genres to collaborate –has been scaled to Indiathe Middle East and Africa.