The Career Express Program has brought me many opportunities and privileges which gave me a leap ahead in my early career - one of which was my abroad experience in Nairobi. I went through an Assessment Stage, in which, first I was tested for my verbal and analytical skills; and then went through a full day of case studies, interviews and presentations where I was assessed by the managers of The Coca-Cola Company Turkey. The Assessment Center was already a full experience by itself where I had the chance to receive feedback on my flaws and strengths from people whom I fully trusted for their guidance.

As a result, I was chosen to be sent to Central East and West Africa’s headquarter office in Nairobi to conduct my own project! I spent one month in wonderful Nairobi where I led a project which included 13 brands in more than 20 countries. It was exciting to observe and analyze such different markets at once which broadened my analytical perspective. It was a privilege to experience a foreign market at such an early stage of my career. It's my passion to live in different parts of the world where I have the chance to adapt part of that culture into my own nature. With the early abroad work experience provided to me through Career Express, now I have full confidence in myself to pursue an abroad career opportunity.

In Kenya, I realized that the best thing I like about The Coca-Cola Company is that although it has a certain corporate culture, it is able to sustain diversity amongst its employees. You can find people with different point of views and strengths but at the same time all possess certain qualities such as having passion for what they do. As I have been hired as a Management Trainee after a year in Career Express, I am happy to be doing the job that I love, in the place that I love the most.

Sinan Beşkök is a management trainee at The Coca-Cola Company. He was part of the Career Express Program at the same time as Derin Gökbudak who wrote about his project experience in India.