Back in May, Coca-Cola Belgium created a film called “Laughter Mob” as part of the #ChooseHappiness campaign.

The idea for the spot came from a study of 3,000 young Europeans, which revealed that laughter is contagious and leads to happiness. A simple smile sends a message to the brain that a person is happy, which triggers the brain to secrete “happiness” endorphins.

Armed with this insight, Coca-Cola Belgium planted a “laughing man” on an Antwerp train to see how contagious laughter really is. The video shows that happiness begins with a smile, and that happiness is not just a matter of luck – it’s also a choice. Take a look:

“We found that young Belgians feel good about themselves and often find happiness in the ‘little things’,” said Celine Van den Rijn, marketing director, Coca-Cola Belgium and Luxembourg. “Three-quarters of teens say they also tend to smile when they see a stranger in the street laughing. With this video, we want to encourage people to choose spontaneous laughter and happiness more often."