Coca-Cola recently introducted its first plant-based beverage, AdeZ, in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) at a special event in Milan, Italy. The groundbreaking innovation makes a strong statement about thte company's determination to serve consumers' changing needs and desires, suiting every occasion and lifestyle. 

AdeZ Unlocks the Power of Plants
With bases like almond, rice, soy and oats, plant-based drinks are increasingly popular around the world as people seek out healthy and nutritious choices. A desire for healthy on-the-go snacking, especially among urban Millennials, is a major driver of this trend.

AdeZ (pronounced "a-des") taps into this fast-growing category with a nourishing range that blends seeds with fruit juices, vitamins and minerals for a rich, smooth and delicious taste.

To fit all needs and desires, AdeZ is not only ideal for vegans and vegetarians, but for everyone interested in plant-based nutrition. AdeZ can be enjoyed in re-sealable, 100% recyclable PlantBottle™ packaging, available on-the-go with an easy to carry 250-ml pack, or at home in a larger 800-ml bottle. AdeZ also is naturally lactose-free and contains no added sugar — only what is already in the natural ingredients. It is slightly sweetened with stevia (steviol glycoside), a non-caloric sweetener from a natural source.

Gap in the market

Many existing plant-based brands are designed to be enjoyed at home and are often sold in larger formats. AdeZ fills a gap in the market by recognizing that plant-based drinks can also be enjoyed by busy consumers on the move. The 250ml, resealable 100% recyclable PlantBottle™ pack is ideal for this occasion.

AdeZ Unlocks the Power of Plants
Speaking at AdeZ's launch event in Milan, Walter Susini, Chief Marketing Officer EMEA of The Coca-Cola Company said: "As we move toward our vision to become a total beverage company everywhere in the world, we are making this move in Europe into the exciting category of plant-based nutrition. After a success story in Latin America, AdeZ comes to our continent with new recipes — tailored to the European tastes and with no added sugar — as well as new packaging and visual identity, aiming to capture the growing appetite for delicious and varied nutrition. Driven by our passion for our consumers, we are bringing plant-based protein to the mainstream, to nourish their potential by shaking up their morning routine or as a grab-and-go snack."

Proven brand in South America

Although new in Europe, AdeZ is not a newcomer to Coca-Cola's portfolio. AdeZ was born in Argentina 30 years ago as AdeS (short for seed food, alimento de semillas) and has been flourishing in Latin America ever since as the category leader.

The decision to introduce AdeZ to Europe was taken following Coca-Cola's acquisition of the brand in March 2017. In line with our growth strategy of "lifting, shifting, and scaling" successful products from other markets, a fast-track development of recipes was created to suit European tastes at the Coca-Cola R&D lab in Brussels. The team also tailored the brand and packaging for the European market, putting in place new production and supply chain logistics. Just over a year later, the company is launching AdeZ in Central & Eastern Europe, demonstrating the global system's agility in innovation, brand-building, and market execution.

Choose the right AdeZ for you

In on-the-go 250ml packs, AdeZ comes in two delicious blends:

  • Amazing Almond Mango-Passionfruit; Outstanding Oat Strawberry-Banana.

To enjoy at home in 800-ml packs, AdeZ comes in up to five great-tasting plain variants (depending on the market*):

  • Surprising Soy, Amazing Almond, Outstanding Oat, Rockin' Rice and Chilling Coconut.

* All five plain varieties for Italy, four varieties for Poland, Romania, Russia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia. Three for Austria, Greece, Cyprus. Two for Switzerland.