Somerset House

Somerset House is a glorious building that houses a restaurant and lovely meeting rooms.

In the global effort to empower women, the roles of government and the private sector are changing. Multisectoral partnerships involving NGOs, multinationals, governments, and universities in various combinations are the new norm.  The result is a more agile team, more engaged touchpoints, and a better set of resources.  While old purists (especially in the academy) will continue to bemoan the intrusion of other players into a domain traditionally believed the exclusive purview of government, the new partnerships are producing a creative surge of new programs and promise to fill in where indifferent governments have left major gaps. The Coca-Cola 5by20 program is a good example of this new trend.

Last week, I facilitated a discussion about 5by20 at Somerset House in London. About twenty experts from various institutions, representing corporate, government, inter-government agencies, and NGOs, had been invited to come in and offer feedback about the program. The Coca-Cola team, led by Charlotte Oades, sought diverse perspectives so that they could better design and execute the program.

Linda Scott

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Professor Linda Scott, DP World Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Oxford University, recently moderated a Coca-Cola 5by20 convening in London.