W3671-lo I was going through some old photos in the Collection today when I stumbled across an old friend.  We often used images of our products in market as part of our training courses for our service force.  In the photograph to the left, Franklin Garrett had to serve as a stand-in model for a service station photo shoot. 

People in Atlanta will remember the Franklin Garret served as the City's Official Historian for a number of years and was long associated with the Atlanta History Center.

Untitled-1 However, many readers do not know that Franklin was employed by The Coca-Cola Company in 1940 as Asst. Head of the Advertising Department and eventually rose to the position of Director of Information before he took early retirement in 1974 to assume the role of President of the Atlanta History Center.  While Garrett possessed a Law Degree, history was his passion and he even noted on an internal Company memo that his function was "compiling and making Company history available for use."

Anyone who has researched at the Atlanta History Center will recognize Franklin's distinctive handwriting on this document on the "Origin and Progress of Coca-Cola in Bottles."  I also value his meticulous  research and his ability to tell a great story in an interesting fashion. 

I wonder how he was pressed into service as a model for this photo from 1941?