Android smartphone users will soon be able to buy a Coke – as well as rack up and redeem My Coke Rewards points – with a single tap at select vending machines across North America.

The new Android Pay mobile payments solution, which Google unveiled today at its annual developers conference in San Francisco, will offer further simplicity, security and choice when paying for things with and within their Android phones.

Android Pay Vending

And that includes ice-cold Coca-Cola. Coke’s North American vending fleet – which dispenses an average of 15 beverages per second – will include 100,000 Android Pay-enabled machines by the end of 2015. 

"This adds to the list of over 700,000 merchants in the U.S. where people can seamlessly tap and pay with their Android phones," said Spencer Spinnell, Google’s director of business development.

Coca-Cola fans can also save their MyCokeRewards card in the Android Pay app so they can earn or pay with points in a single tap. Watch this short demo.

“Our vision is to curate seamless pathways to both refreshment and reward, which Android Pay delivers,” said Derek Myers, group director of channel strategy and development, Coca-Cola North America.

According to Michelle Routh, chief information officer for Coca-Cola North America, the MyCokeRewards loyalty program continues to evolve to meet desires and expectations of its 23 million members, as well as Coke's brands and customers. 

"Android Pay enables a faster, simplified experience connecting loyalty to transactions," she explained. "It streamlines consumer point accumulation and redemption of the rewards they want most -- Coca-Cola products. And Android Pay allows us to connect our members with owned assets like our vending machines in a seamless way. Mobile payments combined with loyalty and digital offers creates a ubiquitous way for Coca-Cola brands to deliver value-added experiences to our consumers and our customers."    

Android Pay replaces paper MyCokeRewards coupons and eliminates fraud risks, Routh added. 

Mobile payments currently account for a small percentage of Coca-Cola vending transactions in North America. But, according to Myers, that number is projected to climb to 20 percent or more by 2020 as new devices and technologies continue to remove barriers that stand between a consumer and an ice-cold Coke.

“When most consumers walk up to a vending machine today, they immediately dig into their pockets for cash or search for a credit card,” Myers said. “But we almost always have a smartphone in our hands when we get there, making mobile payments the easiest way to pay.

Find an Android Pay-enabled Coca-Cola vending machine nearest you.