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In July 1969, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation co-sponsored the first truly international telecast – the landing on the moon. The Company was involved in the Apollo XI Moon Shot telecast via satellite in major markets in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Nine countries in Latin America took part in this historic broadcast.

In announcing the sponsorship, a Company statement said: “It is with true pride and a sense of pioneering spirit that we can announce that The Coca-Cola Export Corporation is commercially co-sponsoring the telecast of the Apollo XI Moon Shot -- from take-off July 16 through moon landing July 20, to splash-down July 24 – on behalf of the product Coca-Cola.”


The Apollo XI Moon Shot was truly a "first." It was the culmination of humankind's dream since its earliest stages of existence. It was, at the time, seen as fiction turned to fact. It was a "first" by the very nature of its being, and, in turn, it was a "first" for television, sharing such an occurrence around the world.

It also was a very important "first" for Coca-Cola: It was the first product of its kind ever advertised on international television.

On July 20, 1969 -- the day Neil Armstrong and Colonel Edwin Aldrin stepped on to the moon – full newspaper ads in Chile contained a quotation for a German poet, Schiller:  “Nada hay tan alto donde el hombre esforzado no pueda apoyar su escala” ["Nothing is so high that the man of determination cannot put his ladder against it!"].

The only other copy in the ad was: "A Message from the Authorized Bottlers of Coca-Cola.”