The Coca-Cola Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 is showcasing a contemporary art exhibit commemorating the 100th birthday of the Coca-Cola bottle. “Art in a Bottle. The First 100 Years of the Iconic Coca-Cola Bottle" can be seen free of charge inside the Coca-Cola pavilion. The exhibition features works by Andy Warhol, Howard Finster, Todd Ford, Debra Franses Bean, as well as two Italian artists: Luigi Bona and Daniele Basso. Basso was commissioned create "Coke It’s Me," an imposing sculpture made of 100 percent recyclable steel and recycled cans. We invited him to write the following post about his sculpture:

To work for Coca-Cola makes me feel proud and honored. Providing a personal interpretation of the 100 years of the contour bottle, the symbol of Coca-Cola transformed by art into an icon of society, was a thrilling task full of responsibilities. Feelings that I virtually share with all that drink Coca-Cola daily and who, looking at their faces reflected in the mirror, can feel like playing a role in this global success and testimonials of the values of happiness, joy and cooperation that Coca-Cola expresses. Not only a taste actually, but also universal values that while going global, made all of us citizens of the world! Parts of one mankind... a message of friendship and unity. Even more appealing today when we are experimenting divisions and wars!"

"Coke It's Me" is passion and happiness. A precious ice mirroring diamond surrounds Contour with eternity. Twists and turns, lights and shadows move around disclosing the many faces of reality. It's the Coca-Cola World that comes to life with all of us reflecting in it. It is Coca-Cola’s tangible Thank You to the entire world.... to everybody for our success and your warm affection. To all of us that everyday choose it and virtually are Coca-Cola Italy.

Milan Bottle Sculpture

Developed digitally and aesthetic expression of the new technologies and the internet, yet fully built manually, this artwork confirms the supremacy of man’s creativeness versus the machine. The importance of work and territory to give life a meaning. A project born in Atlanta, where managers committed to ethical and moral issues, perceived the attention for man and nature inherent in the work of the artist Daniele Basso, capable of making real the Coca-Cola spirit of innovation and experimentation with a focus on territorial valorization, sustainability and health, for a better future of both our planet and people.

A presentation at Expo Milano in the extraordinary Coca-Cola Pavilion perfectly in harmony with the concept of the space where the Contour bottle surprisingly becomes almost a sacred item and where Brand messages become  experience that "Coke it’s Me" transforms into sheer emotion and wonder through Art. Made of steel and aluminum (100% eco-sustainable and recyclable), the artwork is unbreakable and virtually eternal. Ceaselessly moving through light. Fully hand-made in Italy

A terrific cooperation that allowed me to better know a symbol of our time, but mainly to have the important confirmation that behind great realities there always are extraordinary men and women. Persons with whom you work with pleasure and that I heartily thank... Coke It's Me is my personal thank-you to all of them!