Growing up in Massachusetts, Chris DeLorenzo could escape into an entirely different world simply by picking up a pen and a piece of paper.

“That was where I found my solace and where I knew I belonged – drawing,” DeLorenzo says. “I knew I could be anything and be part of any world when I drew. You could go to the movies, but I looked at it as you could make your own movie by drawing characters and places. My grandmother used to take me to art lessons, and she instilled in me that being an artist is an admirable thing and to embrace it. Having her as a mentor was powerful in directing me into this career.”

DeLorenzo may have been “Just a Kid” from Boston, when he was bit by the art bug, but he channeled his childhood passion into career in graphic design, which he says gives him a “bird’s eye view” of how art works in the world by using typography, color and illustration.

“There wasn’t ever any other choice for me,” he says. “It’s a dream come true that every day I get to draw. That’s been wonderful.”

DeLorenzo works as the head designer at t-shirt provider Johnny Cupcakes in addition to creating his own original art. He was recently chosen to design the limited-edition label for POWERADE® Twisted Blackberry™, one of two new flavors, along with Watermelon Strawberry Wave™, that have just arrived in stores.

DeLorenzo’s action-packed, unique label takes inspiration from a variety of sources, in particular the legendary streetball courts of New York City – a perfect match for the drink that helps keep athletes hydrated and inspires those playing on their hometown court to one day get to the top of their game. “I can’t wait to see it in stores,” he said.

His design also perfectly embodies the spirit of the “Just a Kid” campaign by POWERADE, which recognizes that before we reach greatness, we’re all just a kid from somewhere.  

“I would always walk around and see these really epic games and I thought the label should just be about basketball, kids just playing and having fun,” DeLorenzo says. “It’s about the great environments I saw games being played at, plus the personalities who came through and who I saw in the crowd. It’s the idea of the inner beast that comes out when you are playing.

In addition to his graphic design work, DeLorenzo is one of the creators of the Be Brave podcast, which he started with his childhood friend David Tanklefsky. The idea behind the podcast is to “shine a light on young, creative people forging their own path,” something that resonates with DeLorenzo from the lessons of his youth.

“Everybody has something that makes them happy and that thing is what will separate you,” DeLorenzo said. “Harvesting that passion that you have is key. Embrace that and drive yourself into a path of creativity and open up those opportunities. Those little things that seem like they’re always around, they are the moments you can take and grow into something.”