Dora Martin are one of the freshest new UK r'n'b duos to emerge in 2013. With soaring vocals from dual singers Cherri and Jermaine and some of the best new productions around, they're set to take over in 2014 following the recent release of their 'Coalition' EP.

We met up with the pair to chat about their music and their choice of Placelist for us.

For people new to the Dora Martin sound, how would you describe your music?

Jermaine: Alternative r'n'b. What you know the genre to be but with our special twist on it. Definitely something that represents our personal tastes and where we're from.

You mix up a lot of styles and influences in your music – which artists are the main inspirations for Dora Martin?

Cherri: We are very inspired by the growth of the UK music industry and its growth especially on the 'urban' side of things... hence the reason why we wanted to make our background and hometown so apparent in our music. We have both experimented with r'n'b, rock, pop, dance, hip-hop and gospel music so we have learnt a lot on the way and taken valuable lessons from our journey. We're lovers of music and embrace different genres and believe that gives us a well-rounded sound coming together. We love UK artists like Lianne La Havas, Etta Bond and Labrinth, and favs across the water include Kimbra, Frank Ocean and Jhene Aiko to name a few.

What does 2014 have in hold for the band?

J: More visuals and potentially a second body of work. But not until it's just right. It's important not to force art for the sake of having something out there. With us, nothing sees the light if day 'til it's right; we even shot the 'Skyline' video twice and completely scrapped the first one. We're very particular on getting the Dora Martin sound right but with the Coalition EP out now, we're going to be doing a lot of shows and hopefully travelling to other countries to record and perform.

Tell us about the tracks on your Placelist and what they have in common?

C: Some of the records give us that 'close your eyes and put your hands in the air' type of feel good emotion. Others make us wanna dance 'til we sweat and bring back memories of the steamy mirrored, weekly dance classes, years ago in the studio where we met. It's also a collection of music that inspired us to create the debut EP.

Where have you chosen for your Placelist and why?

We chose the studio where we met for our Placelist because it's so significant to the origin of both our performance ability and our friendship. It's the dance rehearsal studio where we met, rehearsed and attended the same street dance class, at a time where we didn't have any clue that Dora Martin would ever exist.

Click here to listen to Dora Martin's Placelist