Josh Kumra is one of the most talented young singer-songwriters emerging in the UK, an absorbing guitarist with a beautiful voice, who’s also a fantastic live performer.

In April he released his debut album, and it’s a stirring collection of blues and folk-inspired songs that sound perfect for the summer months. We met the singer as he prepares for the upcoming festival season to learn about his music and to discover where he’s chosen for his Coca-Cola Placelist.



Introduce yourself and tell us about your music?

Hi, I’m Josh Kumra. I've have been likened to a young Ray Lamontagne, who is a big inspiration to me and my main desire in music is to inspire people.

My debut album 'Good Things Come To Those Who Don't Wait' is a fusion of all the different music I love. This is why it's hard to put me into just one category, as I really love all types of music, from soul and folk, to blues and reggae. I really gravitate to passionate music and emotional voices and that's what I try to be.

Tell us about the location you have chosen for your Placelist and why does it inspire you to make music?

I have chosen my hometown of Swindon. It was a great place to grow up, and I’ve always been inspired and influenced by the town and its people, and the music scene is small but full of quality. It’s not the easiest of places to make a name for yourself, but over the last couple of years I’ve seen many great bands and singers emerge.

Tell us about the songs you’ve chosen in your Placelist?

I made a Placelist of songs that remind me of Swindon. I played every venue in the town 10 times over and these are the songs that I used to cover. They give you a ‘sense’ of Swindon, as I chose to cover these tracks as I thought the people would like to hear them, so I hope you like them too.

Listen to Josh Kumra’s Placelist