Lauriana Mae might be familiar to you already as one of the voices of Coca-Cola’s Christmas campaign song for 2012, ‘Something In The Air’. Since the track’s release, the New Jersey singer has gone on to become one of the US’s most exciting new soul singers, featuring on tracks by chart-toppers such as Cee-Lo Green and B.O.B, and releasing her own fantastic ‘Love Mae’ EP, featuring the 'Money Mae' single (below).

We met the singer to learn about her music and discover where she’s chosen for her Coca-Cola Placelist.

Hello! Good to meet you. How would you describe your music?

Hello! My music is my truth. Every song I have written stems from a real story or emotion. Stylistically I am inspired by classic jazz vocalists such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, and influenced by hip-hop lyricists like The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, and Nas. I’m also motivated by amazing singer/songwriters like Billy Joel and Marvin Gaye, as theirs is a sound that stands out from the rest.

Tell us about the location you have chosen for your Placelist and why does it inspire you to make music?

I've chosen Times Square in New York City for my Placelist.

Coming from the small town of Monmouth County in New Jersey, I had a wonderful childhood surrounded by family and love. I was allowed and encouraged to dream of making it in music despite our circumstances and shortcomings. I used to go sit in the middle of Times Square with my headphones on, overjoyed by most of the tunes that feature in my Placelist.

Tell us about the songs you’ve chosen in your Placelist?

Watching the city move to the music, certain songs make everything beautiful. They say, "If you can make it can make it anywhere". I've always wanted to make it in New York City, into someone else's headphones, so these songs are the ones that inspire me in Times Square.

Listen to Lauriana Mae’s Placelist