Lemaitre are one of the most exciting new live electronic acts to emerge in 2013, taking influence from acts such as Daft Punk and Justice, and the Norwegian duo look set to take their music to the world in the coming months. We spoke to the pair about their electrifying sound that they'll be showcasing soon in London, and the Placelist they have created to celebrate playing in the city they consider crucial to their sound.

For people new to the Lemaitre sound, how would you describe your music?

Electronic pop, with influences from house, indie and funk. We blend soft synth melodies with samples, heavy basslines and funky guitars.

Norway has a strong heritage of electronic pop music - how do you feel the music scene is like now?

The electronic scene is really good now. We haven’t really had any big successes since Røyksopp, but in recent years we have had Cashmere Cat, Fehrplay, Todd Terje, Finnebassen and a lot of other acts that are doing well.

What does 2014 have in hold for Lemaitre?

We are releasing new music early next year. We are also relocating to LA, where we will produce more music, which will also be released in 2014. We’ll also be touring the US and wherever the music takes us!

Tell us about the tracks on your Placelist and what they have in common?

The Placelist consists of tracks from UK artists that have been an inspiration to us. Though French house music has been a big influence to us, the UK dance scene has also been a big influence. Artists like Basement Jaxx, Chemical Brothers & Fatboy Slim - these were probably some of the first electronic artists we listened to.

Where have you chosen for your Placelist and why?

London, and the UK in general. It has been home to a lot of the music we have grown up listening to. We’ve also decided on London because of our forthcoming show at the city's legendary Fabric nightclub on the 20th November. We’re really looking forward to that!