With a voice that soars from haunting soul ballads to club floor-fillers, Lorine Chia is a star for the future

Sassy and soulful, Lorine Chia has a beautiful raspy voice that captivates when paired with her eclectic fusion of futuristic r’n’b, alternative pop, and jazz. Fans of Adele, Corrine Bailey Rae and Santigold will find much to love in her songs, which range from heart-wrenching ballads such as her cover of Billie Holiday’s ‘Strange Fruit’ to party club jams.

She exudes a happiness and energy about the musical journey that she’s on right now that’s infectious: “My music is me basically. My thoughts, my emotions, my heart, my soul, my opinions, what I see.... It's my way of talking to, vibing with, and just sharing who I am with people who I will probably never meet in life.”

Born in Cameroon, Lorine moved to a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio when she was six and initially discovered her passion for music through singing traditional African songs. Her love of melody developed further during a school project in which she taught herself how to play guitar and sing in a few short weeks, and since then she’s developed a musical style inspired by two continents.

Having spent most of her young life learning her craft in her adopted home, it’s no surprise that she’s selected it as her most treasured musical destination.

For my Placelist, I wanted to feature the place where I find inspiration for my music, which is my room right here in the attic of a house in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. This is where I'm the most comfortable and this is where I write, where I cry, where I chill, where I think, where I dance, where I do anything I really want to do. It inspires me because I feel free in my room. Free to just express myself in any way I want without people watching me. I love it!”

Listen to Lorine’s Placelist for a stirring selection of soul, hip-hop and other fresh new tracks, including artists such as James Blake, The Weeknd, Sleigh Bells, SBTRKT and Kanye West. Tune in, and add your own selections to the Lorine Chia Placelist.