Norma Jean Martine is an exciting new name to keep an ear out for in 2014. With a beautiful, soaring voice and songs that feel like instant classics the moment you hear them, it's looking like a big 12 months for the young Londoner. We met up with her as she launched her fantastic new single 'No Gold' (listen below).

For people unfamiliar with your songs, how would you describe your music?

My music lately has been described as 'blues pop'. I like that a lot because to me that means good songs with a soulful voice and that's all I’ve ever wanted to be considered.

Where have you chosen for your Placelist and why?

I’ve chosen Hackney because that’s where I live at the moment. It’s such a youthful, artsy, vibey place. I love it so much.

You've been performing with some great people recently like Mayor Hawthorne, Thomas Dybdahl and Nick Mulvey - how has it been playing alongside such names?

It’s been great. I love getting to borrow artists’ audiences for a few songs. Sometimes it works out better than other times. It depends on the crowd. Sometimes you think it will go over better than it does, and other times you think it will be a disaster, and actually it’s the best gig you’ve ever done. Sometimes people say to me, “Wow can you believe where you’ve gotten to?!” And I always say, “Yeah because I’ve been there the whole way, and I know exactly why I am where I am.” I still feel like I have so much work ahead of me, and so many things I have left to accomplish. Sometimes I appear less excited than I am, because I’m so focused on what’s next, I forget how awesome the opportunities I am having now actually are. However, I do know that if the Norma Jean Martine of two years ago looked at the NJM now, she wouldn’t believe it.

What's planned for 2014?

Well, I think it’s safe to say I will be making my debut record. That’s crazy to say because I feel like my entire life has been devoted to this, and to think I’m about to come out with a 'debut… I don’t know, that word just makes it sound so new, even though the process has been so long. It’s like I’m having a baby… It’s been conceived, I know it’s coming, not sure if it’s a boy or a girl yet, but I know in a few months I’ll be responsible for a squidgy, powdery, screaming, hungry, record. I’m scared to death, and can’t contain my excitement all at the same time.

We can't wait to hear it! What other new artists have you enjoyed hearing recently?

Aaron Shanley and Asgeir (below).