We believe in giving our customers options so they can make their own decisions. If you want to have a glass of Minute Maid orange juice in the morning, a mini-can of Coca-Cola for your morning break, a POWERADE ZERO with your afternoon workout, or a caffeine-free Diet Coke at night, we make those selections available.

To that end we provide:

Many Beverage Options

We offer more than 3,500 drink choices worldwide — three times the number of choices we offered a decade ago. You can find our brands by clicking here. 

Low- or No- Calorie Versions

Nineteen of our top 20 brands also have a low- or no-calorie version or are themselves low- or no-caolorie beverages. Lower calorie options are important to many people we serve and we will continue to invest heavily in the innovation of low- and no-calorie sweeteners. Specifically, of the 3,500 drink choices offered, over 800 of these drinks are low or no calorie

We Offer Choices

Various Sizes

In many countries, our most popular drinks are available in many sizes – from 2 liter bottles to 7.5 fluid-ounce (222 mL) or smaller minis, so you can choose a drink that meets your individual needs and those of your family.