Babson College and Coca-Cola have released a new Babson-authored report analyzing progress, challenges, strengths and the outlook for Coca-Cola’s 5by20 initiative, which aims to reach 5 million women entrepreneurs throughout the Coca-Cola value chain by 2020.

The report, “Unleashing the Potential of Women Entrepreneurs,” finds that at the end of 2015, 5by20 had enabled more than 1.2 million women entrepreneurs across 60 countries, primarily in the retail (91 percent) and agricultural producer (6 percent) segments of the value chain. Women have been enabled primarily through business skills training and access to finance and/or assets. While peer networking and mentoring is taking place throughout communities, it is often organic and difficult to track.

The report opens with an overview of 5by20, including an extensive focus on gender equality and Coca-Cola’s commitment to and investment in a broad array of initiatives focused on economic development, sustainability, and social goals. The report then describes eight programs from six value chain sectors (producers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, recyclers and artisans) and concludes with a review of 5by20’s efforts to measure initiative impact, a summary of key elements that contribute to successful scaling, and lessons learned.

On December 8, Coca-Cola and Babson College will convene an interactive daylong program of panels, dialogue and collaborative work sessions with top thought leaders in business, academia and media to discuss women’s economic empowerment solutions, inspired by report findings.

Download “Unleashing the Potential of Women Entrepreneurs” here.