Coca-Cola Delivery Driver uniforms 1977 This will be a fun week on the blog. That's because we will celebrate the Coca-Cola delivery driver fashion of the 1970s - (or maybe we're celebrating the end of it)! I've always been jealous of our colleagues in the Archives world who have really fun vintage uniforms. I came across some great pictures of Coke uniforms from the late 1970s and early 1980s just last week that were too good not to share. I'll post a new uniform picture three days this week, and then open up a vote on Friday for you to pick the worst one. First up is this 1977 combination. Believe it or not, one delivery driver wrote about these, "In 11 1/2 years on a route for Coca-Cola, I have never seen anything generate more excitement among our customers than these new uniforms. Even the people who do not like them admitted they were different." Wow. Stay tuned this week for more!