Barqs Free Soviet Stuff Today is August 5th which is International Beer Day.  I don't know about you, but my first thought was for a Barq's Root Beer.  This brand has always been one of my favorites because shortly after joining the Company in 1997, I was put in charge of building a small museum for Barq's in Biloxi, Mississippi to celebrate the centennial of the brand in 1998.  We had a blast celebrating the centennial and I learned a great deal about the heritage of the brand The Coca-Cola Company had acquired in 1995.

My favorite Barq's promotion is perfectly in keeping with International Beer Day.  One of the most clever promotions involving Barq's was for "Free Soviet Stuff."  Select cans in 12 packs were actually hollow and contained trinkets that were supposed to have come from the former Soviet Union.  We actually have quite a few of these items in the Archives including pins, medals and the hollowed out cans.

So, for this International Beer Day, I am going to toast "Free Soviet Stuff" with an ice cold Barq's Root Beer.