I am one of those lucky people who really enjoys my job—it’s kind of hard not to. As I sat on a plane heading to NYC, I was reminded once again of the love I have for Coca-Cola.

"Coca-Cola by DRx" launch event in NYC

I’ve always had a passion for fashion. When I came to work at Coca-Cola as a Global Brand PR intern, I knew I would have the opportunity to work on amazing projects –but I had no idea I would end up being able to work in fashion. I soon found out that Coca-Cola’s Worldwide Licensing team works to develop partnerships with artists and designers—including names such as Marc Jacobs, Ashish and most recently DRx-- who use Coca-Cola as a design muse to create new products. After taking several walks through Coke’s archives, it was clear to me that the iconic brand of Coca-Cola really is inspiration for creatives.                                                                                                          

Things Go Better With Coke by DRx

On my very first business trip, I got to travel to one of my favorite cities and one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York. It was there that we officially launched “Coca-Cola by DRx.” Dr. Romanelli, also known as DRx, is a fashion designer who uses his favorite flea market finds to create something completely new. He created 200 custom pieces for the “Coca-Cola by DRx” collection, made from carefully sourced vintage and retro Coca-Cola wear.

Armed with my laptop, suitcase stuffed with my go-to black clothing and ombre nails that changed color with the temperature, I went out into the bustling streets of NYC and hit the ground running. Press interviews, venue checks and the delivery of the collection and Coca-Cola archival items— everything was in place. The event was spectacular. From the rooftop at the fabulous New Museum, the NYC skyline glowed. Guests buzzed around, mini Coke floats in hand, taking photos and chatting with DRx himself. T-shirts were being screen printed—I even got to make my own “Things go better with Coke” tee. The combination of Coca-Cola, fashion and New York City definitely left a feeling of optimism in the air.

Erin Abernathy

Reporting from NYC: Erin Abernathy, Global Brand PR