Here are a few more artifacts that we pulled out from the Archives to celebrate Earth Day. In 1970, The Company launched an anti-litter campaign featuring the slogan, "Bend A Little". The goal of the "Bend A Little" campaign was to remind people that cleaning up America called for a little extra effort from all of us. The ads depicted people "bending a little" to keep America green and clean. Our bottlers ran special promotions giving away these "Bend A Little" litter bags featured in this case:

Coke Bend A Little Litter Bags - Earth Day

The Company was also one of the strongest supporters of a nationwide campaign in the early 1970s called "Keep America Beautiful." An interesting fact about the 1973 K.A.B. Day poster shown below is that, along with the six other Coke Archives posters we have in our Earth Day display, it was framed using all environmentally friendly materials. The frame’s wood moulding is made from 100% recycled materials, keeping mature trees standing and the mounting board is made from 100% biodegradable and 100% recycled materials. Someone joked that we keep “recycling all of our old stuff” from Archives!

Coca-Cola Keep America Beautiful Day poster in green frame - Earth Day