During the 1910s, Coca-Cola advertising featured a different “Coca-Cola Girl” each year. Often the same image of a woman was used on calendars, trays, pocket mirrors and other collectible pieces for the year.

In a few instances, the Coca-Cola Girl was referred to by name, such as “Betty,” “Elaine” or “Constance.”

However, those names were not the names of the models themselves! They’re actually names assigned to the artwork by someone in advertising!

Collectors know these pseudonyms, and we use those names in the Coke Archives as well.

“Betty” from 1914:
 Coke Betty tray

“Elaine” from 1915:
Coca-Cola Girl Elaine

“Constance” from 1917:
Coca-Cola Girl Constance

Betty, Constance and Elaine have appeared on Coke collectibles well after their original years, including modern-day licensed items. So just because that tray you have features “Betty,” don’t think you have a fortune in your hands!