The British online magazine for contemporary culture in Russia and Eastern Europe, The Calvert Journal, launched a special guide to the 11 host cities for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Beyond the Game featured contributions from more than 10 journalists, photographers, designers, cameramen, editors and musicians, with support from Coca-Cola Russia. These contributors created a fresh snapshot of each city that goes beyond traditional tourist routes.

Here are the video stories and tourist guides, which have been seen by almost 1 million people, to date: 


Moscow features a vibrant and exciting cultural scene with fantastic museums, resturants and nightlife. See the grander side of public transport. Go beyond the game: experience the creative side of Russia 2018. 


Saint Petersburg

Explore Russia's creative side via the art, palaces and monuments of St Petersburg. Experience the vibrant shopping, restaurant and nightlife scene in St Petersburg. Try Russian classics and global cuisine. 



Sochi, an iconic resort city, has a rich Russian history just waiting to be explored. Enjoy the costal vibes and the famed sites. Find the cultural and artistic hot spots around the city. 



Find locally brewed watermelon beer at the Alaska bar. Experience the art, culture and creative spaces of Russia. WWII buffs will love Volgograd, which was the site of The Battle of Stalingrad. See the memorial and more. 



Experience historical architecture, vibrant nightlife, or the Samara beach. Explore everything from historic churches and monasteries to breweries and beaches. 



Enjoy freshly made kebabs outside the Pushkin fun fair and local specalities, like thick pancakes, in Saransk. From speed walking to paganism, Saransk has it all. Explore the contrasts and ludicrousness of provincial Russia.


Nizhniy Novgorod

Take some time to immerse yourself in a different side of Russia. Explore the art, music and culture of Nizhny Novogrod. Enjoy a tour of one of Russia's prettiest cities featuring the picturesque streets and cultural hotspots of the Nizhny Novgorod.



Explore the rich cultural and historical heritage in Rostov-on-Don. The city features hundreds of architectural monuments and memorials. New cuisine awaits in cafes, resturants and bars. 



A vast mix of architecture and culture, Yekaterinburg has a vibrant nightlife and resturant scene on the edge of Europe. Explore Yekaterinburg, the easternmost World Cup host city, which boasts museums and hidden artistic delights. 



Russian and Tatar culture mix in Kazan. Find city explorations, exciting cuisine and vibrant nightlife amid a diverse culture and historical landscape.



Kaliningrad, known to locals as "Little Russia", boasts a rich maritime history and culture. Take some time to explore.

Explore historic museums, markets, and seasides in Kaliningrad, the only port in the Baltics that never freezes. #BeyondTheGame


Selection and editing of materials was carried out by The Calvert Journal team in London. The creative vision of the project was on Eco Ashun, a British curator, writer and journalist, creative director of the Calvert 22 Foundation. Support of the project was on the Coca-Cola Russia.