Minutes ago, Coca-Cola showcased its smallest package on America’s biggest stage.

In a 60-second spot titled “Coke Mini”, which debuted during the second quarter of the Big Game, two Marvel superheroes – the larger-than-life Incredible Hulk and the tiny-yet-mighty Ant-Man – clash in a quest for the icy-cold refreshment of a Coca-Cola Mini Can. Ant-Man, voiced by actor Paul Rudd, is caught snatching the last Coca-Cola Mini Can from the fridge in Dr. Bruce Banner’s lab. An angry Dr. Banner turns into the Hulk and pursues Ant-Man throughout the city. Cornered in an alley after a high-energy chase, Ant-Man surrenders and helps Hulk, whose fingers are too big to open the Coca-Cola Mini Can. Both savor the prize.

The ad, which ends with the line “Sometimes you just want a little Coca-Cola”, is the 7.5-oz. Mini Can’s first starring role in a Coke commercial.

“The point of this spot is to not only remind people how much they love Coca-Cola… it’s to hero the Coca-Cola Mini Can,” said Andy McMillin, SVP, Coca-Cola Trademark, Coca-Cola North America. “We wanted to use the Big Game stage to celebrate our smallest package, which is key to our 2016 business strategy and a pack size people love.”

Since first hitting U.S. stores in 2007, sales of the Coca-Cola Mini Can have grown at double-digit rates as more consumers seek out the portion control, convenience and choice benefits of smaller packs. Coke partnered with Marvel (a Disney subsidiary) and Wieden + Kennedy Portland to reintroduce its tiniest package to tens of millions of viewers.

“The quest for a Coca-Cola Mini Can featuring the smallest and largest characters in the wildly popular Marvel franchise is simple storytelling delivered in an epic way, especially for young adults,” said Emmanuel Seuge, SVP of Content, Coca-Cola North America.

Seuge added, “Every time we tell a story about Coca-Cola – a brand fans know and love – we try to showcase a side they don’t know and share ‘new news’ about the product. That’s what this is about.”

“Coke Mini” is part of Coke’s new global “One Brand” marketing strategy and accompanying “Taste the Feeling” campaign, which positions Coca-Cola at the heart of universal stories. “What we love most about this spot is that Mini Can is the true hero,” McMillin said. “The story doesn’t exist without it.”

Unlike many brands advertising in this year’s Big Game, Coca-Cola did not release creative in advance of tonight's telecast. “Coke Mini” will run throughout 2016 on TV, in cinemas and on social and digital media.

Marvel Mini Cans

And, as teaser kits sent last week to journalists and influencers hinted, “The Big Game is just the beginning.” The ad features six “Easter Eggs” with details on the chance to score one of 30,000 Marvel-themed six-packs of Coca-Cola Mini Cans featuring Hulk, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man and Falcon. The cans are not available for purchase in stores.

Each day through Feb. 14, Coca-Cola will share hints on where to find the embedded clues on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. The virtual hunt will encourage fans to re-watch the ad online and discover the clues for the chance to get their hands on a limited-edition six-pack. “We hope to drive additional viewership and, ultimately, social and digital conversation about the Mini Can,” Seuge added.

This year marks Coke’s 10th consecutive appearance in the Big Game. The brand’s recent Big Game ads have varied widely – from Emmy-winning spots with rich audio and visuals like “Heist” (2008) to animated crowd-pleasers such as “Polar Bowl” (2012) featuring the beloved Coca-Cola Polar Bears, to powerful messages of positivity and inclusion in “It’s Beautiful” (2014) and “#MakeItHappy” (2015).

“The world expects greats storytelling from us, especially during the Big Game, when fans really lean in to what we have in store,” Seuge said. “All of our previous ads are part of Coke’s rich advertising legacy, and we think ‘Coke Mini’ lives up to that tradition.”