Very Best of Coca-Cola We hit a milestone this week as our Coca-Cola Conversations blog received our 1,000,000th visitor.  This blog has been a great way for the Archives team to share stories about Coca-Cola history, pop culture and collectibles. 

In looking through the blog stats, I wanted to share some of the other stats about our social media outlets.  Over the three plus years we have maintained the blog, we have written 687 post and have received over 5,200 comments on those posts.  We now have almost 2,700 followers on our @Coke_Archives twitter feed and 2,200 fans of Coca-Cola Archives on facebook.  Our YouTube Channel has 69 videos which have been viewed more that 750,000 times.  This year we also worked with our Spanish office to create a virtural guided tour of the Archives storage space.  The response to that site has been overwhelming with nearly 100,000 page views and nearly 800 photographs uploaded by visitors to the site since it was launched in April.

We hope that you have enjoyed the content on our sites and we look forward to the next 1,000,000 visitors who want to learn a little more about the heritage of Coca-Cola.