Bobby_liao_coke_collector4While many Coke collectors seem to have their own mini Worlds of Coca-Cola in their homes, one collector really does have what he calls his own “world” of collecting – his own website!

Bobby Liao from Los Altos, California, has been a Coca-Cola collector for 14 years and a member of The Coca-Cola Collectors Club since 1994. As most collectors do, he “lives” Coke each day, but Bobby has taken his love of Coke one step further and is exhibiting his collection of Coca-Cola Olympic bottles and cans at the Los Altos (California) Library this month!

Bobby_liao_coke_collector2The exhibit is the second one he’s had at the Los Altos Library. This show features more than 100 limited edition Coca-Cola bottles and cans featuring the Olympic Games over the past century, representing 26 host cities and 26 Olympic sports.

Bobby_liao_coke_collector3(The photos here are from both exhibits at the library and from the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta when Bobby visited the original World of Coca-Cola.)

Bobby began collecting Coca-Cola bottles in May 1994 when Stanford Stadium was getting ready to host the World Cup 1994 soccer games. He happened to see World Cup Coke bottles on the shelves in a local store, and on a whim, he bought a six-pack. Fourteen years later, with more than 5,000 bottles and cans, he’s still looking for new bottles everywhere he goes.

Those of you who also are collectors may remember your own beginnings – when you bought one thing that later led to an entire house full of Coke items!

How did you start your collection?