On March 22, 2014, the BonAqua water brand in Ukraine celebrated World Water Day by opening a new exposition at the Kyiv Water Museum.

The unique museum appeals to both adults and children. Coca-Cola in Ukraine has partnered with the Water Museum for more than five years. Three times a year, the museum, with the support of Coke, organizes “open doors days” to enable a large number of people to learn more about water saving and stewardship. More than 100,000 people visit the Water Museum each year.

water tower video projections

Visitors are fascinated with the video projections.

The new permanent exposition is an integral part of the tour. The video projection shows a film about the origin of water on Earth on a large half-pipe screen. 

A special accent is made on Cenomanian and Jurassic water-bearing formations because BonAqua in Ukraine is produced from underground water found in these particular locations. Moreover, a BonAqua installation is placed at the museum so every visitor can build a link between the story and the water brand.

World Water Day in Ukraine

Olexander Beregovyi, Deputy Director of the Museum, with one of the most popular exhibits.

Independent experts and endorsers were invited to the opening ceremony. Academician in hydrology Viacheslav Shestopalov, a scientific coordinator of the new exposition, explained to the journalists that the underground water is the best water to consume because the Earth's layers protect it from pollution. This was proven in Chernobyl after the nuclear explosion. Dr. Mariana Voznycia, meanwhile, reminded the audience that people need to drink a sufficient amount of quality water for their best health.

“We highly appreciate the partnership with our friends – BonAqua and The Coca-Cola Company in Ukraine. Thanks to them, we are able to implement many interesting and useful ideas. Today, we are happy with another joint creation – our exposition 'Origins of Water on the Earth'," said Oleksandr Popov, director of the Water Museum. 

Around 20 journalists attended the opening ceremony, resulting in five TV news spots, eight print stories and more than 20 online articles. A video report on the event can be viewed here.