Coca-Cola was mentioned on Twitter 15.3 million times over the last year. That breaks down to 41,900 mentions per day, 1,747 per hour and 29 per minute.

Now, thanks to a newly launched feature that lets users search Twitter’s archives of hundreds of billions of tweets dating back to its launch more than eight years ago, we found the very first to ever mention our flagship brand:

We tracked down Eve (@eak49), a 39-year-old digital marketer, wife and mom in Sunnyvale, Calif., to learn more about her and the Coca-Cola kitchen she proudly tweeted about on July 30, 2006. Turns out she’s quite the Coca-Cola fan!

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We’re dying to hear more about your Coca-Cola kitchen. What can you tell us?

When my husband and I bought our place, he wanted to limit my Coca-Cola collection to one room – I've been called an emotional pack rat – so the kitchen it was! The kitchen has Coke signs, our everyday plates and glassware, pepper shakers, few tchotchkes and, around the holidays, polar bear lights. I wanted to put in a red granite countertop, but got vetoed because my hub was concerned about resale value. 

Gotta say, I have to agree with him. So you’ve always been a big Coke fan?

Yep, for as long as I can remember, I've always loved Coke and been a collector. It's classic, uses my favorite color, is a respectable brand that unites the world, knows who it is and stays true to that, and has the best products. People think I'm crazy for being brand loyal to the extreme. My room growing up and my old work cubes were all Coca-Cola themed. And when I lived with my parents, I wouldn't let them buy anything but Coke. My husband even put: "I'll only drink Coke products" in our wedding vows, and the Coca-Cola logo is one of the first our son Wally (3.5 years) recognized.

What do you collect?

I'm a big collector of Coca-Cola cans. I took my first trip to Europe in high school… my parents took me on one of those bus tours where you visit a gazillion countries over a few weeks. I came back with a suitcase full of cans from every one. Now when my family or friends travel, they bring me back cans. My mom just brought back these cool skinny ones from Thailand last week. I love Christmas and sports ones the best. I'm bummed I don't have every year of the holiday cans. When the FIFA World Cup was held in the U.S., I collected bottles from each competing country. I just got the San Francisco Giants World Series collection. My hub has one contribution, too, an old Clemson championship bottle (his favorite team). Luckily, we have a long windowsill, so I display them all there.

Any favorite Coke memories?

The weekend I met my husband, I was in Atlanta and went to the Coke museum. I studied all the memorabilia and watched and sang along to the “Always Coca-Cola” commercial (my favorite outside of “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke”). I loved all the Santa stuff… I love how Christmas is so interconnected with Coke and thought it was the coolest thing ever to have all of that in one place.

So I’m assuming you decorate for the holidays with Coca-Cola memorabilia?

Yep. Every Christmas, my parents buy me at least one Coca-Cola item. In our place, I have a little light-up Coke village and bubbly bottle, a few snow globes, and plush toys I pull out to decorate. I have a bunch of ornaments, too, and one year my mom surprised me and decorated the entire tree in a Coca-Cola theme. It was the best tree ever!  

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