I’ve been living with Coca-Cola Unbottled for a while now, so I’m especially thrilled to see it go live today.  And I’ve been thinking for a long time about what I would write in this first column. I hope it hits the mark.

All of us at Coke are incredibly fortunate.  We work for a Company that brings happiness to people 1.8 billion times a day.  We live and work in 206 countries, make more than 3,500 different beverages, and we’re the largest private employer in Africa. And we’ve been doing it for 126 years.

But we were missing a connection to you.  Even in this social age, our communications still felt very one way. We couldn’t easily have a conversation about water conservation, empowering women, or take you behind-the-scenes at the Olympics.

So we created this blog.  It’s a home for dialogue about the ideas, initiatives, events, and the social good that Coke contributes to help shape life on our planet.

It’s also the latest (but not the last) step in our commitment to tell meaningful stories that will not only inform and engage you, but also keep you coming back for more.   We’re not the first company to build a blog, but we hope Coca-Cola Unbottled will bring a unique perspective and a fresh point of view that sparks thoughtful conversations and dialogue.

Everyone on the masthead below, and at a little agency in Seattle called 206inc, has worked hard to bring this blog to life. So we hope you enjoy this real-time look behind what you see on the shelves. And, as always, if you have feedback – critical or congratulatory – please feel free to leave us a comment or connect with us socially.

Finally, here’s a look at the blog designs we didn’t choose.  Did we make a mistake?