In 2015, we put the finishing touches on our first new global advertising campaign in seven years. “Taste the Feeling” celebrates the idea that drinking a Coca‑Cola—any 

Coca‑Cola—is a simple pleasure that makes everyday moments more special.

This marks the first time in our history that all Trademark Coca-Cola brands are united under one global creative campaign. It reinforces the notion that Coca‑Cola—with or without calories or caffeine—is for everybody.

“Taste the Feeling” features universal storytelling with the product at the heart to reflect both the functional and emotional aspects of the Coca‑Cola experience. It’s about giving our consumers whichever Coca‑Cola suits their taste, lifestyle and diet, and celebrating the unparalleled taste and refreshment that is Coca‑Cola.


Our signature contour bottle turned 100 in 2015. Its iconic shape, inspired by a cocoa bean, was developed by the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana, whose charge was to create a package so distinctive that consumers could recognize it at a glance or by touch alone. Over the years this innovation has inspired generations of artists, filmmakers, musicians and consumers the world over.


In 2015, we unveiled the world’s first PET plastic bottle made entirely from plant materials at the World Expo – Milan. Our innovative PlantBottle packaging has been meeting consumer expectations for packaging that is environmentally considerate since 2009. At that time, the first-ever fully recyclable PET plastic beverage bottles were made partially from plants. PlantBottle packaging looks and functions just like traditional PET plastic, but it has a lighter footprint on the planet and its scarce resources. The newest fully recyclable PlantBottle packaging is now 100 percent plant based.


The Coca-Cola Company and system employ one of the most diverse workforces in the world, with employees from virtually every nation.

We also have one of the largest Millennial workforces in the world¾a great source of passion, energy and innovation that is helping us transform our business.

One group that is critically important to us is Millennial Voices, which is made up of a diverse set of young associates who help recruit and retain top talent by creating a more entrepreneurial culture. Modeled after the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers program, Millennial Voices is a catalyst of change and insight into where the business and consumer landscapes are headed.

Over the last two years, they have helped shape everything from new technology pilots and on‑campus recycling initiatives to employee benefits packages, flexible work policies and a reverse mentoring program.


At Coca‑Cola, we look at sustainability as a value creator. And by integrating sustainability into the very heart of the enterprise, we continue to create value for our shareowners and the communities we proudly serve. We believe the majority of innovation over the next decade will happen at the intersection of sustainability and the supply chain.

Working together with our bottling partners to empower women, better manage water resources and promote well‑being gives us new opportunities to build business resiliency and add value across our system.

Among other 2015 highlights, we announced that we were on track to reach our goal of 100 percent water replenishment five years ahead of schedule. With our bottling partners, we continued to roll out EKOCENTER kiosks across Africa and Asia. Run by women entrepreneurs and enabled by partnerships, EKOCENTER is an innovative social enterprise designed to help communities thrive.

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