Who knew thirst and creativity could make for such a fun, flavorful combination?

This summer, Coca-Cola Freestyle is inviting Americans to concoct their own signature beverage recipes – and potentially win $10,000 – through the first ever “Make Your Mix” contest. Entering is as easy as one, two, three: Mix it. Share it. Pour it.

Through June 30, fans can enter by finding a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine near them, mixing two or three of its nearly 200 drink choices, and sharing photos of their mixes on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MakeYourMixContest.

A panel of Coca-Cola’s beverage experts will then narrow the submissions down to five finalists, who will have their namesake mixes available for America to try on all 50,000-plus Coca-Cola Freestyle machines nationwide from Aug. 25 until Nov. 4.

During this time, fans will vote with their pours. The mix that's poured the most (by volume) will win the $10,000 "Make Your Mix" grand prize and be announced in early November. More information and official rules can be found at Coke.com/makeyourmix

Make Your Mix

Mixing It Up

Fans have been creating their own custom Coca-Cola Freestyle mixes since the innovative fountain dispenser debuted in 2009, fusing their favorite still and sparkling beverage brands with a diverse array of flavors.

Now, they can potentially get paid for their personalized pours.

“We’re empowering and potentially rewarding our fans for something they’re already doing – making Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages that are 100% their own,” says Sarah Greenberg Sachs, marketing director, Coca-Cola Freestyle. “Personalization has been at the heart of the Coca-Cola Freestyle experience since the beginning, and our data shows that mixing is on the rise.”

The touchscreen-operated fountain dispenser uses “micro-dosing” technology to deliver nearly 200 touch-to-pour drink options – including 117 low/no-calorie beverages and more than 100 varieties that can’t be found anywhere else.

Like Sprite Peach, for example? You can only get it on Coca-Cola Freestyle.

“We see this contest as a great way to drive awareness of the variety of drinks Coca-Cola Freestyle offers,” Sachs added. “Coca-Cola Freestyle is a real-world manifestation of Coke’s vision to become a total beverage company that listens to consumers and quickly brings innovations and new ideas to market.”

Fan creativity has even helped fuel some of Coke’s recent beverage innovations. By getting real-time data from each machine, the company can learn about trending flavors and know the “most poured” combinations. This has contributed to new beverage creations – including the 2019 rollouts of Sprite Lymonade and Orange Vanilla Coke. Top custom combinations include: Peach Cobbler (Vanilla Coke + Sprite with Peach), North Pole Magic (Cherry Coke + Vanilla Coke + Barq’s Vanilla) and Dreamy Orange Lemonade (Minute Maid Lemonade + Hi-C Orange Vanilla).

Summer is the perfect time for the “Make Your Mix” contest, as its Coca-Cola Freestyle’s busiest season, Sachs said. Seven of the platform’s 10 busiest days in 2018 fell between June and August. June 29 was the single busiest day of the year, with 22.4 million pours.

Visit coca-colafreestyle.com for more information on Coca-Cola Freestyle.