Telecommuting is not exactly new for me. I’ve been working from home one day per week for the last two years. (And for the last month, I’ve worked from home more often than I’ve been in my office due to my wife’s shoulder surgery.) But yesterday it felt like good redemption for my epic failures from the day before.

The key to successful telecommuting for me has been planning ahead and clustering all of my calls, videoconferences, etc. onto a single day each week. But there are obviously many occasions where face-to-face meetings are critical.

Today is another of those occasions for me. Some of our most significant supplier partners are in town for a Supplier Sustainability Summit. I am leading a breakout session on Carbon and Water Efficient Operations. So I did need to come into downtown again today.

And I’m pleased to report that I managed to commute into town without using a personal car at all. A colleague of mine, Carlos Pacheco, joined me for the commute which involved first bicycling to the closest MARTA bus terminal and from there via bus to the MARTA rail station. The good news is that the Georgia World Congress Center (where the Supplier Sustainability Summit is being hosted) has its own MARTA stop. I only had to change trains once to reach the destination.

Weather permitting, I’ll be reversing the process on the way home this evening.

I’ve spent a lot of time in this week’s blog focusing on my commute. That’s because it is indeed one of the most significant contributions to my personal (and my household) carbon footprint. 

There are various carbon footprint calculator tools out there, but one I’ve used is from the Nature Conservancy:

From that assessment, driving and flying combine to represent 40% of my household carbon footprint – the largest single contribution. And I offset emissions from my flights.

We have a program within the Company called Red Tag which recognizes exceptional performance. Employees accrue Red Tag points which can be redeemed for various products or services.  One of the offerings in that catalog is carbon offsets offered through So at the end of last year, I cashed in 168 points to offset the 12 trips I took during 2012.

Of course that doesn’t contribute to Active, Healthy Living the way my bike journey did. I’ll probably have more to say about that tomorrow – if I’m not too sore to get out of bed.

Bryan Jacob is Climate Protection Director at The Coca-Cola Company.