Returning to our ongoing theme of Coca-Cola and food we have a real treat for you this week.  Carver's Country Kitchen is an incredible restaurant that is housed in a grocery store around the corner from Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta.  While the building has stood for decades, Sharon and Robert Carver opened their restaurant in 1992 and have been serving fantastic Southern food ever since. 

We asked the Carvers if they would let us make a few videos and blog about their menu and the decor and they were thrilled - but we had to be there when they cooked the food at 6:00 AM.  Our dutiful staff set their alarms a little earlier than usual and arrived at the grocery to film.  The first thing you noticed was the amazing smell of the Coca-Cola ham which you could smell as you approached the store.  The second was how gracious and welcoming the Carvers were during the whole process.  Sharon had some wonderful insights about her cooking and Robert regaled us with stories as he peeled the potatoes for that day's serving of mashed potatoes (no powdered stuff served here!).

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we did filming it, and keep reading to catch the next one where Sharon shares her Coca-Cola Cake recipe.  If you are ever in Atlanta during the week, make sure to stop by and try some ham and cake.