Through a partnership with the National Recreation and Park Association, Coca-Cola is helping communities across the U.S. improve their parks and recreation facilities. With Coca-Cola’s help, the Miami community recently came together to celebrate renovations to one of their most widely used parks, Shenandoah Park.

Written by Erica Chao, author of Mama's Mission. A Mama of 3, navigating everything from diapers to college. Getting through the day while maintaining her sanity is the mission, while sharing tips, tricks and life lessons along the way to help you enjoy life and your children.

Spending time outdoors is very important to me and my family, so when we were invited to the Coca-Cola Family Field Day Event at Shenandoah Park in Miami, it was the perfect opportunity to get out of the house! 

We arrived shortly after the day’s events had already begun, so there was a lot happening - kick the perfect shot soccer competition, six-legged races, and hula-hoop challenges. There was also a Coca-Cola Mini-Can Zone, where kids could dress up and do the can-can. Folks young and old got a taste of Zumba thanks in part to the Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness demonstration classes while a live DJ played favorite tunes and provided music for the families to enjoy throughout the day.

Park restoration
Chao's daughter Emily enjoying the Bubble Run. 

One of the highlights was the Big Giant Bubble Run! The giant bubble towered over me with ease, yet put no fear in my daughter Emily. In she went with so much joy and enthusiasm, it was hard to get her out until I was able to convince her to go see the HUGE tricycles. Never had we seen a tricycle so big!

In addition to all of the activities, Field Day featured a Health Fair Exhibition with health and wellness organizations and programs from across the area. In Miami, Kohl's Cares was fitting children for bicycle helmets and gifting a fitted helmet to each child! Em pretty much refused to take hers off the rest of the day.

So what was so special about this Family Field Day at Shenandoah Park? Well, everyone was there to celebrate the recent renovations that were completed thanks to a grant from Coca-Cola.

You don't often hear about the great things brands like Coca-Cola are doing for local communities. But Coca-Cola has been partnering with the City of Miami for well over five years, sponsoring an endless number of events and community organizations like The Boys and Girls Club, Youth Soccer Clinics and so much more.

In their latest partnership, Coca Cola provided a number of resources to Shenandoah Park, a city legacy and landmark. The goal? To restore, add, improve and upgrade equipment in the park and create an environment for families to come out and enjoy the outdoors.

No matter how often I get outside with the family, I never take for granted the opportunity to have places where I feel safe and inspired to do more. I always feel so accomplished on the days we get the entire family up and moving because sitting on the couch sometimes is just too easy.

Heading to the park with the girls as often as possible is a top priority. Especially with Em. Nothing puts a toddler to sleep better like some well spent energy playing outdoors. It also gives us time to play and bond. No TV's, no electronics, nothing to distract us but each other.

That’s why restoring and maintaining parks such as Shenandoah is so important – it gives families like yours and mine a place to get active and have fun together.