How romantic are German men? A recent study by the Coca-Cola Happiness Institut paints a hopeful picture.

More than 2,000 people in Germany were polled recently on the topic of love and happiness. For 80% of all men who responded, cuddling with their partner makes them happy. Twenty-somethings are the cuddliest of all (88%), but a significant percentage (73%) of men over 60 also get a warm-and-fuzzy feeling from snuggling with their main squeeze.

“Cuddling time with a partner represents secret contiguity in a relationship. This act of intimacy and affection delivers hours of happiness and calm”, said Tanja Schüle, director of the Happiness Institut. “You cannot cuddle alone – cuddling with a partner makes Germans happy because when you cuddle, you are sharing a private moment in your relationship.”

The study also revealed that single German men take a pretty relaxed approach of dating. Roughly half of bachelors surveyed said they are waiting to meet someone interesting. Only 38% of all women polled – and 24% over 60 – are as patient.

An Outdated Stereotype

Germany, the country of grouches? Not so, according to the study. In fact, 78% of all respondents reported being happy.

“For a long time, Germans were considered to be worriers and naysayers,” says trend researcher Peter Wippermann, who advises the Happiness Institut. “This pessimistic attitude is increasingly fading into the background.”

Three quarters of Germans have an optimistic outlook on the future, and nearly as many said they are happiest and most fulfilled when they live in the moment versus focusing on their long-term goals or lifelong dreams.

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