The Lunar New Year is a time when Chinese families around the world return home to celebrate togetherness and kinship. Singapore, a multi-racial country with almost 75% of its population made up of Chinese, is no stranger to annual Lunar New Year festivities and traditions. During this period, Chinese families all around the country open up their houses for family gatherings as the younger generation visit the older members of the family to pay their respects.

In recent years, following on the wave of smartphones and tablets, a technologically savvy generation has grown up in Singapore. The country holds the highest smartphone penetration in Asia Pacific at 87%, evident by the common sight of youngsters constantly with their heads down absorbed in their phones. This increasing phenomenon has contributed to a widening rift between the older and younger generations, especially heightened when both are brought together during Lunar New Year family gatherings.

Based on this local insight, Coca-Cola Singapore decided to create shared moments of happiness for the generations this Lunar New Year by bringing the young and old together through the Coca-Cola Happiness Creator Machines. Part of a larger “Happiness Creators” Lunar New Year integrated campaign, two machines were deployed in different parts of the island. One machine each was placed at a location frequented by the young, and the other at a location frequented by the old. These machines were interactive and allowed those at one location to view and interact with those at the other location.

Chinese New Year

Participants were encouraged to put a smile on the faces of those, from another generation, standing in front of the machine at the other location. All were given fun props to play with such as big sunglasses, wacky headdresses, and the Coca-Cola Lunar New Year limited edition “lion head” packaging, a fun play on a traditional icon of Lunar New Year celebrations. People of all ages broke out in a variety of spontaneous antics, ranging from dances to guitar performances to traditional Lunar New year greetings. Participants then jointly touched the screens of the machines to facilitate the gifting of a surprise to the person on the other side, bringing much joy through unexpected items that came out of the machines such as cans of abalone, Coca-Cola collectibles, and even a foldable bike!

The Coca-Cola Happiness Creator Machines generated much shared laughter and brought the message that the generations can come together by creating happiness for each other in the simplest of ways. The larger “Happiness Creators” Lunar New Year integrated campaign in Singapore also included a national in-store promotion which encouraged consumers to create happiness at home with Coca-Cola Singapore’s portfolio of products, a TV commercial which featured happiness creators during Lunar New Year family gatherings, a local celebrity Romeo Tan sharing how he creates happiness and encouraging others to do the same, all of which laddered up to an online contest which encouraged Singaporeans to share stories of how they have created happiness for others this Lunar New Year, for a chance to once again be a happiness creator by bringing his/her loved ones on an overseas getaway.