Chinese New Year_2
By scanning the bottle, consumers are able to download and share these cherubic clay doll emoticons.

Chinese New Year, Feb. 19, is a time to celebrate cultural traditions and family. This year, Coca-Cola is bringing back a pair of clay doll figurines, A Fu and A Jiao, first introduced in 2001.

Inspired by traditional clay doll folk art, A Fu and A Jiao will appear in various elements of Coke's Chinese New Year campaign, including a TV commercial and limited-edition packaging, to send special greetings and share the flavor of reunion with Chinese consumers.

In a 30-second Coca-Col ad, A Fu and A Jiao help bring back the "original flavor" of Chinese New Year. In 10 scenes, they appear on special packaging featuring Image Recognition Technology, sending various greetings. By scanning the seasonal packaging with their mobile phones, consumers can download and share the cherubic clay doll emoticons via China’s most popular IM APP, WeChat.

Chinese New Year_1
A warm greeting from A Fu and A Jiao will replace the cold machine sound at the checkout counter when the bottle is scanned.

Another significant breakthrough is Coca-Cola’s use of Barcode Reader Technology through the "Scan for Greetings" promotion with more than 300 RT-mart retail stores across China.

During the promotion, a warm greeting from A Fu and A Jiao will replace the cold machine-like sound at the checkout counter, bringing the flavor of Chinese New Year to shoppers.

“Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China," Coca-Cola China said in a statement. "We hope our campaign, combining traditional elements with creative new ideas, will bring consumers a step closer towards embracing long established family traditions. Times are changing, but China’s cultural heritage remains unchanged.”